A collection of images from PREVIOUS projects.

Reels are a bit like sign posts along the highway. They remind you where you came from and where you're headed. 

There is something quite helpful in seeing moments from across projects, scopes, budgets, all woven together. It helps convey a sense of the voice of the filmmaker - that difficult-to-articulate thing that translates no matter the brief, the film, or technique. 

That's what this is: a postcard from a pitstop along the journey, this is a collection of images from a handful of projects. It's a mixture of Directing and DPing.  This reel is a year and half old at this point, made right when Ryan began transitioning to primarily directing and yet, it still feels like it communicates the feeling, the direction that Ryan's directing work is headed. 

As always, it's good to remember that filmmaking is the ultimate team sport and no film is made in a vacuum. Editors, grips, producers, DPs. All share in their contribution to these moments.