SERIALBOXTV is an episodic television show that combines documentary explorations, intimate interviews, cinematic studio performances, and on-location, single-camera one-takes with a simple goal in mind: to create a music show unlike anything you've seen before in an effort to capture the truest, most honest portrait of both the music and artists that we all know and love. 

EP/01 of SerialBoxTV centers around Seattle based singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen. Noah is a SerialBox Presents alum and a friend of the project. When we began the process of selecting an artist for our pilot episode, Noah was a natural choice. He's an incredible live performer, but beyond that, is singularly focused on making worthwhile music. We knew that it would be a fantastic fit.

Production for this episode included a studio session in Houston, as well as 2 production days in Seattle, shooting doc, interview, and one-takes. The resulting 30 minute episode represents a direction for SerialBoxTV, a path forward as we look to expand the series.


Beyond simply creating the 30min pilot, SerialBoxTV was conceived as a project that could spin off a number of unique assets from production. From a full length digital download of the tracks from the session, to limited run vinyl, to show poster bundles, SerialBoxTV is intended to work in an integrated, cross-platform environment.

Vinyl Artwork:

ep/01 end credit sequence:

Tracks from the pilot episode:


premiere POSTER: