What began as a simple side project, has evolved into a new way of seeing music performance. Each SerialBox performance is unique to the artist, but what remains the constant is this: One take. No punch-ins, overdubs, or pickups. What you see and hear on any SerialBox video is exactly how it was captured. 

Traditionally bands have two main points of contact with fans: their live shows and their records. SerialBox Presents borrows from the best elements of both to create content that sounds like a record, but captures the energy and immediacy of a live show. It is a unique third space. 

Bands often play alternate arrangements of their songs, resulting in one-of-a-kind video and audio recordings of some incredible music from artists both established and up-and-coming. 

There's something magic about these moments.

SerialBox videos have been viewed millions of times, as well as having been featured on numerous outlets including NPR, Rolling Stone, Paste, and Entertainment Weekly to name a few.

selected serialbox videos:

In addition to the video and audio capture, SBP creates editorial portraits, conducts a full interview on the creative process, and designs custom artwork for the session. The content launches as a magazine style post on serialboxpresents.com

season 2 artists:

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