A lyrical interpretation of The Lone Bellow's very personal, very autobiographical, Fake Roses, starring Virginia Madsen.


Directed / Shot by: Ryan Booth Produced by: Micah Bickham Production Company: SerialBox Productions Edited by: Lucas Harger Sound Design: Steve Horne Music by: Zach Williams / Brian Elmquist / Kanene Pipkin Cast: Edna - Virginia Madsen Casting Consultant: Keegan Uhl 1st AC -Chris Fenner 2nd AC / DIT: Shaun Boyte Gaffer: Seth Newell Locations Manager: Nathan Berry Lighting Board Operator: Dax Pogue Production Assistant: Riley Isakson Commisioned by: Jay Harren (Descendent Records) Creative Direction: Chris Pereira Special Thanks: Sofia Bush



*images by Chris Fenner